Tico Armand, The Fabulous Haitian Model

tico armand haitian model

Tico Armand is stunning, sweet, strong, sexy and definitely our type of girl here on SawPanse.com. I saw her for the first time on the set of The Heavenly Side of Hell movie (directed by Tutu Demosthene) with Fashion stylist Waina Chancy; then on stage at Moca Cafe the other night for Boukan’s 2nd anniversary. She was amazing.

The super talented Haitian model has shot with noted and very talented fashion photographers such as Jerris Madison, Elvis Piedra, Laretta Houston, Scott Hebert and many other awesome photographers as well. With an amazing bone structure, Tico “Nathalie” Armand has a face that is a canvas for pure unadulterated beauty. Not only an amazing beauty model, but Tico pulls off outstanding poses, shapes, and forms with every shoot which is a photographers dream.

Besides modeling, the stunning beauty, Tico, also sings, raps and writes poetry. She’s an ex-member of the Haitian band D’Sire3.

This Haitian beauty truly exudes beauty and poise. Enjoy the photo gallery below!

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[Credits] DripBook | Calvinevans Photography | Obvious Mag | Can-See Photography

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