Video: Tonton Bicha’s Funeral [Commercial]

Tonton Bicha Funeral

Actor/comedian Tonton Bicha is back at it again with his new viral commercial video for Protecta. In the video, Daniel Fils Aimé, well-known as Tonton Bicha, comes back from the dead to tell us about the new Protecta insurance plan. The funeral service is disturbed when the deceased (Bicha) wakes up and start speaking to the crowd.

“Relas, pozeu!” Very funny!

Anteman Bicha Commercial

About Protecta
Protecta is a funeral insurance product available to Haitians in all nine departments of the country.

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  • Rispekt

    Very funny but the girl at 8sec is HOT…

  • Pierre moise slove

    biche konpliman anpil respè pou ou men si ou pa poze’w jesifra ap baw kout poud

  • Ken

    Bicha avan ou se te ou, apre se ap tjou ou menm> respe pou ou granmou nan