Video: Jjanice+ feat. Dame de Pique – Aleas

Jjanice+ feat. Dame de Pique - Aleas Video

Jjanice+ feat. Dame de Pique - Aleas Video

Haitian soul singer/poet Jjanice just premiered this dopeness for his latest track “Aléas” featuring rapper Dame de Pique. I knew this was coming but I’m blown away with how well the music video came together. Man… I’m speechless.

Here’s what the man himself had to say about the joint:

If I had to describe the song I would say that it’s influenced by a mix of Andre 3000, with David Bowie (80’s period), My Brightest Diamond and musicians of the Nouvèl Jenerasyon era. Our music is a blend of indiepop influences with afro-caribbean rhythms and a touch of classical harmonies. We call it Hybrid soul

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About Jjanice

A native of Haiti, Jjanice grew up in Mauricie, Quebec, but in 2003 he decided to settle in Montreal. There his passion for music brought new meaning. He discovered the Kalmunity Vibe Collective, an interdisciplinary collective of artists engaged in musical improvisation and poetic. He then met the musician Patrice Agbokou, bassist and producer. Both inspired by the Afro-Caribbean rhythms and alternative music, they envisioned the Hybrid Soul and formed Jjanice+.

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