Video: Haitian Model Tico Armand on NBC 6

Haitian Model Tico Armand on NBC 6
To celebrate earthday, Haitian model Tico Armand was on NBC 6 Miami today wearing this beautiful, stylish and breathtaking eco-friendly dress designed by fashion designer/visual artist Luis Valenzuela.

Luis Valenzuela is a pioneer in green art and eco-friendly fashion design. He is the founder of EcoArtFashion© and created the first EcoArtFashion Week™ in the world, a platform to express the present state of the ethical and new sustainable fashion world.

I’m not sure about the other model’s name, but Tico tagged “Elena Komerzan” and the designer “Luis Valenzuela” in a Facebook status just before the interview on NBC 6. So I guess she’s Elena Komerzan.

EarthDayMiami is scheduled for tonight April 21, 2012 at 8:30PM. Admission is FREE.

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