Video: BEL – Haitian Boy

BEL - Haitian Boy Video

I know I post this late but it’s a must watch. New video from this new Haitian female band called “BEL”. They did this video to pay tribute to Haitian men, honor them and raise money for Haiti while doing so.

Not sure if you can name all Haitian celebrities in this video, but I see cameo from Mickael Music, China Black, Melanie Charles, Roodmy Poulard, MacD, Mikaben, Nickenson Prudhomme, Top Adlerman, Benchoumy, Roberto Martino, Mawon, Mecca aka Grimo, Arly Lariviere, Shabba, Gazzman Couleur, JBeat, Ti Jo Zenith, BelO, Wyclef, Carel Pedre, Izolan, Zing and more.

Let me know in the comments below if I missed any names. BEL’s Haitian Boy music video is directed by Roodmy Poulard

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