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“C” magazine is the creative endeavor of Corhinn Brunot. Her company CCWC Network, Corporation – Curves Conquering With Confidence, with Brunot at the helm has launched a very promising magazine. Corhinn’s mantra, “Good things come to those who work their but off” is exactly what CCWC, Corhinn Brunot and “C” magazine promise to do for professional women. Corhinn’s words “Watch out world, we are about to conquer” is a call to all women who want a nurturing, positive place to share ideas and network.

“C” packs some powerhouse contributors – Angie Bell who is co-founder of the cultural show Boukan, co-host of the TV show Plezi Soley, as well as co-chair of fundraising and PR commitee at the HAPC, contributes inspirational poetry and writings to the debut issue. Dr. Cynthia Jean, Pharmacist, blogger, poet and author reminds us of the importance of switching it up in her column Yours In Health. She suggests that we take time, even an hour each week to pursue something which brings us joy and inspires us to think outside the routine that is our day to day life. Kay Richardson, author, professional speaker and Business coach, as well as Naima Lynn, mother, poet and writer are also featured contributors. The section Fashion Corner features curvy women, modeling sexy, and flattering and wearable ensembles.

CCWC’s Woman of the Quarter focuses on Kerline Moreau Jean Baptiste, an artist Fashion designer. Kerline is the owner of Kel Fashion & Designs. She doesn’t shy away from hard truths and tells the readers her moving story of a lonely and difficult childhood which included abandonment, molestation and rape.

CCWC Woman of the Quarter: Kerline Moreau Jean-Baptiste from Kel Fashion and Designs


At the center of Issue 1 is a feature on “C” Magazine founder Corhinn Brunot. Born on the island of Haiti Corhinn was blessed with a full and happy childhood. Brunot struggled in early adulthood with financial and personal difficulties which included losing everything, being homeless, and having to start over again with nothing. Around the time of all these difficulties, Corhinn was the victim of date rape. She never gave up or gave in and went on to found CCWC Women’s club with the goal to fascilitate professional women with the ability to connect, share ideas, work together and educate themselves in the world of business. “C” magazine’s 1st. issue is substantial and gives the reader much to think about. It is an uplifting and inspiring read. I’ll be looking forward to issue #2.

Meet CCWC’s Founder: Corhinn Brunot


CCWC’s Founder: Corhinn Brunot


CCWC Member: Terri Delva from Avled Artistry


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    A great accomplishment for the CCWC…..we are truly inspired by this group and with open arms encourage other women to join….the benefits are endless for your personal life and your business life….. the best thing I could have ever done for my life….