Music: BlackDO – Cheri Vini, Vini-m Pale-w

Music: BlackDo - Cheri Vini, Vini-m Pale-w

Listen to “Cheri Vini, Vini-m Pale-w” from Rap Kreyol artist BlackDO – off the upcoming “Justice” album.

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Karl, Dory born (March 15, 1984), better known by his stage name “BlackDO”, is a Haitian rapper, singer-songwriter. He named himself “BlackDO” Because he never ignore to say that he’s “black” and the “DO” stand for the first music note also his Last name DO-RY.

At age 23, Dory moved to the United States with his family and has spent much of his life in Elizabeth, New Jersey. His mom died when he was 9 and he hasn’t seen his father since .His Aunt raises him with three other Childs. To cope with his Mother death he immersed himself into music.

Black DO has released three successful singles (“Music makes me high ft. Fam-Squad”, “I love you mommy ft. Fam-Squad”). He plans to release his first Solo album by in March 15, 2014 as well as his first music video early December 2013.

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