Taonaya Fleury: JET Magazine Beauty of the Week

Yeah I know I’m late, but congratulations to Haitian-American Taonaya Fleury on being JET Magazine Beauty of the Week (for February 2014).

Taonaya was a contestant in the NBC reality dating competition series “Ready for Love” vying for the affections of bachelor Tim Lopez. In the show, Taonaya believed that her deep-rooted understanding of commitment reflects Tim’s belief that love is eternal. Unfortunately, she was eliminated in episode 3.

Taonaya Fleury will be in the JET Magazine March 10th issue so make sure you pick it up!

More about From Taonaya Fleury
HOMETOWN: North Miami Beach, FL
OCCUPATION: Flight Attendant
CAREER GOAL: To earn a master of science degree in marriage and family counseling
HOBBIES: Painting, blogging and trying out new cuisines
TWITTER: @taonayafleury
WHY SHE WANTS TO BE A JET BEAUTY: This section has a long-standing reputation of showing women of color in a positive light. When I first saw these photos as a little girl, they made me feel both beautiful and proud.

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[photo|source: Jet Mag | Pop Tower]