Video: T-Vice’s Lead Singer Roberto Martino Featured on PBS’s Music Voyager

T-Vice's Lead Singer Roberto Martino Featured on PBS's Music Voyager

T-Vice co-leader Roberto Martino takes Miami Voyager host Jacob Edgar on an exploration of the sites, sounds and flavors of Miami’s Little Haiti while giving a brief history of the band.

Watch an excerpt from the Music Voyager episode “Miami: The Magic City” below.

It started with my dad’s band which was Top Vice, and he started the whole movement here in South Florida before us – and we chose the name. We said we gonna call the band T-Vice. T-Vice means “small” – I mean it’s a smaller version of Top-Vice. Americans have the Rock ‘n’ Roll sound; we have that chorus guitar sound that makes it unique – that makes Konpa what it is.

The type of music we’re playing even though sometimes it’s new to the ears, but we always keep that groovy Konpa that started way back before us.

About Music Voyager
Music Voyager is a music and travel television program that gives viewers a backstage pass to the world’s most popular and exciting music. Join host Jacob Edgar and the Music Voyager team as they uncover the sights, tastes and sounds of our diverse and fascinating world. [Music Voyager Website]

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