5 Hottest Blondedy Ferdinand Movies with Lip-Lock Kissing Scenes

Blondedy Ferdinand Kissing Movies

What’s your favorite Blondedy Ferdinand on-screen kiss of all time? Was it the one with Handy Tibert in “La Victime”? Or perhaps with Paul Henry Atis in “Les Couleurs de la Dignité”? Check out below for the top 5 hottest Blondedy Ferdinand movies with lip-lock kissing scenes.

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5) La Victime (2005), as Judith

Synopsis: La Victime, a film by Producer Sylvio Tessier, is a movie about a father, Athanaz Valembrun played by Ricardo Lefevre (Choc Terrible, Cousines), who lost all his money in the Haitian “Koperativ’.

He finds himself forcing his daughter to date a rich business man beside the opposition of his wife. Althanaz hand delivers her daughter Nancy, played my Nice Simon (I Love You Anne, Profonds Regrets), to the man. La Victime stars Handy Tibert, Nice Simon, Blondedy Ferdinand, Ricardo Lefevre, Philippes Saint Louis and Evens Lacroix. [synopsis via Belfim]

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