Poll: Blondedy Ferdinand Lesbian Rumors: True or Publicity Stunt?


You must have been under a rock if you haven’t heard about Blondedy Ferdinand’s lesbian scandal by now. The Haitian actress has recently become a very popular celebrity as several pictures of her were released across social media with the actress posing rather standardly with friends. In these intimate photos, we see Ferdinand herself draped across many of her friends in some very sexually provocative poses. There has been some speculation that this could be a direct reflection of her sexual preference due to the intimacy in the shots.

However, Blondedy Ferdinand has certainly used this latest social media lesbian photo scandal to her advantage and perks. In fact, just two weeks after the photos were released Blondedy Ferdinand was able to sign several movie contracts.

Celebrity publicity stunts are nothing new. These stunts have all helped boost album sales, movie sales, etc. Crazy how that works, right? Sometimes even A-listers have to resort to insane tactics. So do you think Blondedy Ferdinand lesbian rumors are true or just another publicity stunt? Cast your vote below!


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