diSip de Gazzman Couleur is Working on its 5th Music Video

diSip is Working on its 5th Music Video

diSip de Gazzman Couleur isn’t just continuing its VIKTWA tour in Haiti and USA, the Haitian Konpa band is also busy shooting its 5th video. A year after releasing the VIKTWA album, one of the tracks is finally getting the official video treatment.

What song will be getting the Gazzman Couleur video treatment? The answer is none other than song number eleven: “Ekilib.”

dISIp’s Ekilib video will be directed by movie director Saintanor Camilus. Listen to diSip Ekilib below!

diSip Gazzman Couleur Video Recap

Madanm mwen // December 2013
Leader // December 2013
Poukisa // August 2014
Urgence //September 2014

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