Haitian Poet, Rapper and Actor Mecca aka Grimo Launches GoFundMe Campaign

Mecca Aka Grimo has launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for his new book “I wasn’t Born in Haiti but Haiti was Born in Me,” a mélange of poetic pieces that accentuate Haitian culture. Mecca hopes that schools, libraries, universities will adopt his book in their respective departments and utilize it to educate all, create pride and self esteem in our communities.

The deadline to recieve funds to help publish the “Living Book” is April 1, National Poetry Month. The book will be completed before the Month of May which is Haitian Heritage Cultural Month to ensure an ideal release date of May 1st.

Mecca Aka Grimo Marcelin is a rapper, poet and actor, known for In the Mix TV Show (2013), And I on the Opposite Shore (2012) and Miami 13 (2013).

To those of you who know me personally, you know how consistent I’ve been with promoting our Haitian Culture in a positive light through my art forms. This book is an extension of this work. There will be poems, illustrations, paintings, photographs, proverbs, a description of Haitian dishes and a calendar with important dates for us to remember. Please support me as I venture into publishing my first book. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Mecca Marcelin

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