Music: Riva NYRI Precil – Se Bon

Riva NYRI Precil - Se Bon

Supermodel Tico Armand mentioned this artist on her Instagram earlier today, and I’m already in love with her music. Riva NYRI Precil has such a gifted voice that will give you chills.

Listen to Riva’s first single “Se Bon” from her upcoming album “Perle De Culture” (Cultured Pearl) set to be released on her birthday March 28, 2015. “Se Bon” is a seamless fusion of Racine/Roots, World Music, Jazz and African tones.

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Haiti, Riva was exposed to traditional Haitian music and culture, which greatly influenced her eclectic music and fashion palette. A singer, songwriter, dancer, jeweler, and artist, Riva has performed in various Haitian art and music events. Her debut solo album will be released early 2015 which will be a fusion of traditional Haitian songs, soul, R&B and jazz elements.

Riva NYRI Precil – Perle De Culture (Cultured Pearl) Album Cover Art


I will post more tracks from the album in the next few days. Stay tuned!

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