Haiti Tourism Preparing to Launch Hotel Booking Website

Haiti Tourism Preparing to Launch Hotel Booking Website

Haiti Tourism is poised to launch its own online hotel booking service, featuring booking at independent hotels and resorts that are located in Haiti’s major cities.

Looking at the screenshots of the new design posted on Twitter by @HaitiTourisminc, the website will feature a curated selection of hotels like Caribe Hotel, Habitation Jouissant, Wahoo Bay beach, Royal Oasis, El Rancho, Hotel Mont Joli, Marriott and more.

Haiti Tourism Hotel Booking Website Screenshot

With the rapidly increasing demand for travel to Haiti, this could be a key if Haiti Tourism can create a great user experience. Whatever the case, it ought to be a good thing for travelers – and hopefully hotels, as well. I hope that they also bring on-board more independent hotels and car rental companies that may not have the marketing resources to compete with large hospitality chains.

Haiti Tourism was not immediately available for comment. I will post a review once the new Haiti Tourism’s website is launched. Meanwhile, feel free to visit the current site at HaitiTourismInc.com

UPDATE: Haiti Tourism has just replied to our questions via Twitter Direct Message. See updates below!

The website will be very user friendly with features that will allow our customers to book their hotels, flight and vacations packages the same way they used to do it on Expedia or booking.com. However there will be a big difference in the way the discounts are given, and we will work with businesses and customers closely. It’s been more than 3 years now we have been promoting Haiti all over the world, and we have worked and will continue to work with many hotels, including the Haitian owned hotels like Kinanm Hotel and Royal Oasis, Karibe etc.

Like all the booking companies we use Opera booking system that allows us to know the availability of the hotels that use the software, in the other hands, we are creating our own separate booking system for hotels that do not use Opera. While we cannot discuss commission, but we do find a way to generate money, that particularly helps us with our “Haiti Tourism Inc. Education Funding”, a program that funds Haitian students in area such as Computer science, Business, and Hospitality Management. For every purchase on the website, there’s a percentage that goes towards this program.

If you’re travelling to Haiti, how do you like the idea of using the site to book a getaway? Sound off in the comments below.

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