Happy 5th Anniversary diSip!

Haitian Konpa band diSip is celebrating their fifth anniversary today April 4, 2015. DiSip was founded by Gasman Pierre aka Gazzman Couleur in April 2010. The band has won Best New Group/Band of the Year and Male Artist of the Year (Gazzman) in 2011 by Compas on Broadway.

Disip has released two albums and 25 songs since 2010. The first album “Mission” was released in August 2010, and the second album “Viktwa” in July 2013. The band has also released four live albums “Toujou Fè Byen”, “Live en Martinique Vol. 1”, “Live in Haiti Vol. 1” and “Live in Haiti Vol. 2.” Happy birthday diSip!

Below are five of my favorite tracks from diSip? What’s yours? Share it in the comments below.

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