Best Haitian Celeb Selfies of The Week (April 19 -25)

These Haitian stars have mastered the art of the selfie. Here are the best Haitian celeb selfies on social media for the week of April 19th to April 25th.

This week’s gallery includes photos from Haitian models Marie Blanchard (pictured above), Belouka Almonacy, Carolyn Desert, Sarodj Bertin, Tico Armand, Vanessa Nina, singer Flav and his beautiful daughter Ava, singer/TV host Fatima Altieri G.D André, actress Garcelle Beauvais, and singer Paul Beaubrun and his mother Manzè from the Haitian racine band Boukman Eksperyans.

Check out the gallery for the best Haitian celeb selfies of the week below.

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Marie Blanchard @haitianbeauty25
Belouka Almonacy @belouka
Fatima Altieri G.D André @fatiful
Flav @flavgabel
Sarodj Bertin @sarodjbertinhaiti
Garcelle Beauvais @garcelle
Tico Armand @iamtico
Paul Beaubrun @paulbeaubrun
Vanessa Nina @vanessanina
Carolyn Desert @misshaitiworld2014

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