Double Threat: Gabel Releases Two Music Videos for ‘Drog Mwen’ -Watch!

Gabel Drog Mwen video flav till death do us part

When it comes to Gabel, one just ISN’T enough! And we couldn’t be more thrilled! For the first time in band’s musical journey, Gabel has released two music videos for their latest single ‘Drog Mwen’. This is a double threat indeed and we got a chance of watching them.

The first video titled “Drog Mwen – Till Death Do Us Part” tells the story of a Flav and his girlfriend (played by actress Michelle Georges) who is battling cancer. The second one “Drog Mwen – Rie or Die” features singer Pachou in some action-packed scenes. Both videos are directed by Smitty IProduce.

Gabel – Drog Mwen “Till Death Do Us Part” (Flav)

Gabel – Drog Mwen “Ride or Die” (Pachou)

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