What to Wear to the 17th Annual Haitian Compas Festival

haitian flag haitian festival fashion outfits

Spring and summer are prime opportunities for one of music lovers favorite past times-festivals. From Coachella, to South by Southwest to local musical gatherings, the thing that is just as important as the bands on stage is the fashion.

This month, one of the hottest (literally) events is the Haitian Music Festival happening in May. There are so many ways to look cool while jamming to your favorite Konpa songs and drinking your Prestige or Kremas.

Here’s a look at some fun ideas.

Maxi Skirts

With sheer materials being a hot trend this season, maxi skirts and dresses are a no brainer. They are breezy, light, flirty and serve as a perfect outfit for a music festival.

Cut Off Denim Shorts

Denim is always in, it just comes down to how you wear it and cut offs are a staple for music festival season. They work well for both genders, they come in different lengths and colors so there is no way to really get it wrong and they are comfortable and affordable.

Graphic Tee

These are always fun because you can really expresses yourself with them. Plus they are pretty lightweight so you are sure to stay cool. Rock a graphic Tee with some cut offs and you are festival ready. Buy this Tee from 14-Fourty!

Sun Hats

haitian flag hat snapback

These are a must if you want to have some kind of shade and still look trendy. You can really play these up too. You can get a straw hat or a printed hat (say in Haitian colors). You can go big or small. There are many options that can work just fine for you. Buy this cap from StevenP!

Head Scarves

Fashion the Haitian flag as a headscarf to both show your nationalism and to keep cool. For the music festival, it is almost a must wear.

These are just a few ideas to incorporate into your own style. Festivals are about having fun so why not doing it looking your best.

Did we miss anything? Let us know if the comment section below.

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