Niska Releases Hot New Single “Way 2 Much” – Listen!

niska way too much menage a trios

Good for Us! Young up and coming Haitian hip hop and rap artist Niska is hard at work on her long-awaited EP album. Though she’s just be revving up in recent years with her music career, she’s already garnered a modest following of several thousand fans online. Many of those fans have taken to the stream of ‘Way 2 Much’ with significant praise for Niska; the track has been received remarkably well. I should also mention that the track is from Niska’s upcoming ‘Menages A Trois’ EP.

Immediately when you dig into ‘Way 2 Much,’ one thing is apparent: the production. Guest producer IgnrVince put together a remarkable soundscape around Niska’s rapping. She sounds beautiful amidst an atmosphere of simplistic, yet incredibly excellent instrumentation. In particular, I love the use of auto-tune in this track. I’m a firm believer that auto-tune can be an elegant tool to achieve new sounds when used properly. So many pop stars utilize it as a crutch for poor vocals, hence why there’s a stigma around it nowadays. Niska’s use of it is perfect: you can tell she can already sing and rap without it. She’s not using it as a crutch; she’s using it to accent her voice in a unique fashion.

Her lyrics are also excellent. In honesty, she reminds me a lot of Kanye West. The lyrics sound very similar to something West would pen. You could even draw a line between ‘Way 2 Much’ and songs like ‘All Day’ and ‘Hold My Liquor.’ Even the articulate use of auto-tune feels like West; that’s a style he’s been employing for over a decade and made ‘mainstream’ with albums like ‘808s & Heartbreak.’ In any case, I thought I’d mention the parallel between Niska and artists like West. That’s certainly a high compliment; I’m comparing her to one of the most innovative people in her genre.

‘Way 2 Much’ is a great, well-rounded rap song with superb production and delivery. Niska shows immense promise with tracks like this; a clean radio-edit of this track would surely be a contender on college radio or even more prominent radio stations. Check her out if you’re into smooth, suave hip hop. She’s got that in spades.

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