Ti Will Releases Two New Songs “Filalang” ft. Mac D & “Lavie” ft. Gazman -Listen!

Ti Will - Lavie ft. Gazman & Filalang ft. Mac D

If you haven’t downloaded (legally) Ti Will’s latest studio album Ti Will Inspirations yet, here are two new songs to convince you to do so.

The first song titled “Filalang” features Harmonik’s lead singer Mac D Talon. The second song “Lavie” features Gazzman Couleur from Disip. You can download Ti Will’s Inspirations album here

Listen to both songs after the jump.

Ti Will Inspirations Track list

1. Ede Timoun Yo
2. Pou Nou 2
3. La Vie5
4. Filalang
5. Rewind
6. Vev
7. Tres Important
8. Trompe
9. Filalang (Instrumental Version)

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