Blondedy Ferdinand Breaks Down In Tears After Seeing the Woman Who Raised Her

Haitian actress Blondedy Ferdinand had no idea that the woman she considers as her second mother would be at the premiere of her new movie “Dancing in the Shadow of Love”. What she does next will bring tears to your eyes. Get your tissue ready!

Watch the full video below.

According to MovieLakay, the woman in the video is Jacqueline Morency. She raised Blondedy for six years (from 9 to 15 years old) while Blondedy’s biological mother was in the United States. Here’s what Blondedy Ferdinand said in the video:

She’s like a mom to me
because they basically raised me.
Cuz my mom was always, always in the United States
and my mom left me with my dad
so, they took me in, they did everything for me
took care of me really good, really good
did everything for me
so, and for her to show up…so amazing
because I didn’t expect to see her at all
I didn’t even think they think about me
I didn’t know they they think about me
I didn’t know they care anymore.

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