Mickael Guirand Reveals the REAL Reason He Took a Break From Carimi

Mickael Guirand reasons why leaving Carimi

Carimi’s lead singer Mickael Guirand took to Instagram to reveal the real reason why he took a break from one of the most popular Haitian bands.

Guirand said that he’s been mentally and physically drained for a while now and needed some time off. He also thanked Mikaben for replacing him while he was away and added “For the record Mika never wanted the gigg full time.”

Welcome back Mike! Read Mickael Guirand’s full Instagram post below:

I could never return without at least giving a reason for my abrupt departure from a band and institution that i have been apart of for the past 18 years and help build from the ground up. The answer is pretty simple, I have been drained for a while now in every sense of the term, emotionally, mentally, physically. I needed time off. In my mind i was thinking more like a few years, but little did I know that my voice would drown compare to the loud cry of the fans pretty much demanding my immediate return. I was off social media and really didn’t know anything about the band and the industry. Until this pass week-end when all 4 of us sat down to talk, it was evident that my only choice was to come back, ready or not.
In the world of social media that we live in today, I know what I had signed up for and I was expecting cheap shots on myself but never the stuff that I saw and heard. One thing I will correct because it was directed at the core of the band is that there is absolutely no truth to all the Carlo stories ravaging the internet. Carlo and I have had our differences but never did he disrespect me or my family by doing the things you accuse him of. Sometimes when you think you are hurting the artist, all you do is hurt their family, we can brush it off but it really can create chaos in the lives of our loves ones that did not sign up for these non sense.
I really want from the bottom of my heart to say thank you to the fans for their support… your texts, tweets, messages and prayers. They have been priceless and really a call from above to push me back to where I was made to be. I got into music because I loved it but now I see how I’ve created an extended family, and for that i am [indebted] to you and I will keep the music coming. You guys give me purpose and have reconnected me w a part of me that i had forgotten.

So again I will apologize for the scare, but Im here today. I will slowly get back to speed as I gave up most of my duties in the band until I can get back to 100 percent. I will make myself available for all the performances. My personal life has [always] been private and it will remain as is. I also want to thank Mikaben for being the perfect person in handling this situation, really a class act. For the record Mika never wanted the gigg full time.

I am grateful for all the prayers and warm wishes. Now it’s time to get back to business and prepare for these upcoming shows in Florida, Paris and New York to end [the] year the right way.

Happy Holidays and God Bless!


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