Haitian-American Amputee Mama Càx Landed a MAJOR Fashion Campaign With Instagram

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Haitian-American amputee Mama Càx is part of the Instagram initiative #RunwayForAll. The campaign highlights a different model every day for models who are “redefining industry standards and making sure there’s room on the #RunwayForAll.”

Mama Càx was the first model included in the campaign.

Mama Càx defied the odds after being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma and is now defying the odds as a model. After being diagnosed with the terrible disease at fourteen, Cacsmy Brutus, or Mama Càx as she calls herself, lost a leg in the process of beating Osteosarcoma at the young age of eighteen. Born in Brooklyn and raised in Haiti and Montreal, Canada, Cáx is a Haitian-American with disarming beauty, perfect skin and an outstanding story.

Now 26, Mama Càx has made a name for herself in the fashion world as a blogger, traveler and model. Càx is redefining beauty with her prosthetic leg in tow, which she proudly flaunts along with her extreme confidence and poise. She writes on her website that she has “made it my personal mission to infiltrate the ‘beauty industry’” and change the mainstream image of the industry.

She traveled to Costa Rica at seventeen and couldn’t get rid of the travel bug since then. Now she has been to nineteen countries and through five continents. In 2013 Mama Càx was born as she backpacked South East Asia and decided to not just be a blogger, but a blogger with a unique twist. Her plan was to blog about her experiences “as a woman, as a person of color and as a person with a physical disability.”

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“#RunwayForAll means any teenager feels represented when they open a magazine or watch a fashion show,” says Mama Cax (@caxmee). Mama grew up in Haiti, lives in New York City and never aspired to be a model — “not only because there were very few dark models on magazine covers but also because I grew up with very little knowledge of the fashion industry,” she says. “Eight years ago, after getting my leg amputated, the idea of being a model was even more far-fetched.” Today, Mama is modeling and doing other things that she was told there was no audience for, like sharing tips for traveling as a black female amputee. “The majority of humans do not look like the mainstream idea of beauty,” she says. “One of the greatest barriers is not belonging. Through modeling I hope to show that beauty does not always wear a size zero and beauty does not always walk on two limbs.” Every day this week, we’ll be sharing the story of a model who is redefining industry standards and making sure there’s room on the #RunwayForAll. Photo of @caxmee by @simonhuemaen

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She uses Instagram as her way to model her love for fashion and her biggest fashion accessory, her leg. When Instagram launched their “Runway For All” hashtag initiative Mama Càx was one of the many involved that had a story to tell and a pose to strike. Càx uses Instagram as a way to not just empower herself but to inspire and empower others with disabilities. Although she has been through a tough journey she keeps her posts cheerful and finds time to be a program coordinator for a non-profit that builds schools worldwide.

She mentions that “beauty does not always wear a size 0 and beauty does not always walk on two limbs” and we couldn’t agree more.

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