Vicky Jeudy: “Orange is the New Black Season 4 Will Break The Internet”

Haitian-American actress Vicky Jeudy, who portrays Janae Watson in OITNB, says Orange is the New Black season 4 is so intense, it will break the Internet.

Jeudy and two other Orange is the New Black actresses Diane Guerrero and Adrienne C. Moore chatted with Pop Sugar on the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet and shared a number of Orange is the New Black (OITNB) season 4 spoilers.

Jeudy said “a lot of headlines made it into this season. Once season 4 releases, it will break the internet. Personally, I feel like [Orange is the New Black] season 4 is the best one. It’s pretty intense!”

Season 4’s finale, according to Moore, will leave us feeling “at odds” and “a variety of emotions.” The finale left her “so shocked.”

Watch the full interview below – Vicky Jeudy’s part starts around the 0:49 mark.

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