Carimi Officially Calls It Quits

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Haitian Konpa band CaRiMi has had a brilliant few years. They have become one of the most popular Konpa bands. Their careers began in 2002, and it looks like 2016 may be the year they call it quits on the band.

Carimi has received accolades from the International music scene, including Best Album of the Year. Carimi has risen to the top of the charts across the billboards in Haiti, Guadeloupe, Paris, French Guiana, Canada and parts of Europe. In 2011, they became the first Haitian band to come out with a mobile app, which we reviewed here.

Here’s the official letter from CaRiMi’s manager Fito Hyacinthe announcing the news.

To the Fans of CaRiMi,

This note is not easy to write but, after a lot of thought and tough decisions, it must he done.

On July ll, 2016, Michael Guirand informed the band that he would permanently be unavailable for any future performances. Upon receiving this news the group came together and had to make a decision that affects all of us, and of course all of you, our fans.

Our decision is this. As with every great story that must come to an end, after 15 years, the CaRiMi era has ended. Along the way, we have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing promoters, media members, and we have built great friendships.

The brand that is CaRiMi could not have been created without the blood, sweat and tears of countless people, including, but not limited to, our original members and current members: Steve, Noldy, Stanley, Shedly, Glenny, Richard, Carlo, Gregory, Jean Raymond, Ti Joel, Tania, Jeff, Jean, MikaBen, Mica, Ti Marco, Alex, Julio, and last but not least Michael Guirand.

None of us know what the future holds for anyone, but I personally want to wish each member of the hand the very best moving forward, please know wherever the road may lead you, you will always have my full support and assistance.

Promoters around the world and fans from across the globe have helped us become who we are, and without them we would have been nothing. To them, we must say Thank you!

I will personally reach out to all promoters who currently have scheduled dates with CaRiMi, individually. This is not something that was expected or planned, but we have reached the end of the road.

To our fans, there are no words to express how your love and encouragement has kept us alive, working harder and harder just for you. We can only hope that our music will continue to live on in your hearts and that CaRiMi succeeded in bringing you as much joy as you have brought as these past 15 years.

Thank you again to everyone and God bless!

Fito Hyacinthe

Readers, what do you think about CaRiMi’s break up? Sound off in the comments below:

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  1. 1

    Honestly it sucks but ar the end of the day if after all this time the guys have decided it’s time to phase out I think we should support them :/ that musician life only looks fun, in actuality its a crap load of work!!!!!!! And having been there for all those years working to support and generate our parties, our good times hell even the conception on some of our kids lmmfao I think they’ve earned their respite. Yes it’s sad to think of not getting to see them on stage for a while or ever again but as a greatful fan I say thank you!!! God bless and be happy

    Lots of love fellas!!!!!!