Haitian-American Jess Named Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Miss June 2017

Haitian-American and Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Jessica “Jess” Beaugris was unveiled yesterday as Miss June 2017 in the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar. Jess will be joined by the 35 other Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders on Sept. 30 for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders 2017 Swimsuit Calendar Unveiling and Fashion Show at the newly renovated Hard Rock stadium.

Jess is a 2nd year veteran and was chosen as a co-captain for the 2016-17 season. Check out Jess on her calendar photo shoot below.

The 2017 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Swimsuit calendar calendar shoot took place at the beautiful Sugar Bay Barbados Beach Resort in Barbados.

The calendar can be pre-ordered now by clicking here.

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