Emeline Michel Raising Money for “Emeline Passionately” Documentary

Emeline Michel passionately documentary

International singer, songwriter, composer Emeline Michel is trying to finance her new film “Emeline Passionately,” a documentary about her wonderful journey, her struggles, and her triumphs in the Haitian music industry.

“Through this story, I hope to inspire and remind this next generation that they can transcend all the limitations when follow their hearts. I hope to affirm that everything is possible when you trust,” the singer said in her Indiegogo campaign.

Emeline Michel, born in Gonaïves, is a Haitian singer who has been called “The Joni Mitchell of Haiti.” Her songs merge native Haitian compas and rara music with jazz, pop, bossa nova, and samba. She’s a well accomplished dancer, versatile vocalist, songwriter and producer. She sang a version of Jimmy Cliff’s Many Rivers to Cross at Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief.

Emeline Passionately Documentary Short Summary

In 2017 I will be celebrating 30 years in music!

WOW! It seemed like only yesterday, I was dragging my broom in our house in Gonaives, in front of every mirror pretending that I was singing for a huge crowd. Now 30 years later, this is no pretense: This is my life!

I feel immensely blessed for theses opportunities to bring Haitian music in so many countries around the globe: Japan, France, Seyschelles Island , Italy, Australia ,Burkina Faso, Guadeloupe, Martinique and more. Fortunate for having performed at venues such as Carnegie Hall, The Apollo theater, Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center. Humbled and awed to share my songs with various presidents and dignitaries.

But more importantly, I am grateful for you! Because you are the fuel, the fire behind this body of work.

With 10 albums, and countless shows you have helped me share the beauty of Haitian culture,values, and musical traditions with the rest of the worl,and I am forever grateful!

How did it all happen?
Coming from a family with no musicians in the backdrop from previous generations, a family where there was just enough to pay for the school tuition and food, but not enough for music lessons. Who were the instrumental figures? what were the highs? the lows, the victories, the lessons?

Retracing all the ups and downs ,the wins, and especially the joy that it brings to dare carry a song in my suitcase, a flag and see the world together in a dance.

Emeline Passionately, is an opportunity for us, to create together a piece of work that reminds us that nothing is impossible. This is a human tale, The story of any soul striving to reach a dream that seems unreachable.

A story to fuel, inspire, to uplift to remind us that when we trust, when we work hard and give it our all, dreams lead to reality.

The power of wanting it so bad that walls will fall to let it BE!

This is an opportunity to not only share my story, but to tell the story of “All dreamers who keep their feet on the ground”

Where Do you Come in?

When you take a good look at the profile of all my productions over the years, you will notice that for me quality is a must! For you nothing is too big… Only the very best!

Album productions/ concepts/ videos only the best!

I have the utmost respect for the trust you have invested in me.

This project is going to take hard work, and MONEY and this is where I need your full support to make this happen.

To travel to Haiti, Canada and various other states to meet and record the participants instrumental to the story will require a lot. Travelling/ Filming crew/ studio recording /music and voice recording and editing this project will cost an estimate of $50,000.

We are shooting for an initial goal of $20,000 so we can get it started.

If you jump the net will appear!


Sharing this story is not just sharing my story.

It is an opportunity to share with the world the VALUE of faith, commitment, and determination. It will serve as a tool to inspire youth all over Haiti, the US, and the world.

Combined with classes and workshops, this documentary can show the young people that ART initiate change. Art touches lives. It touches not just the receiver, but the creator as well.

Their dream is where it all starts.



You can expect nothing less than the VERY best when you support this project.

Give What You Can, Share the Project!

We big up the big….But we cherish and value everything and anything that comes from your heart.

Please share the project via social media and through email with friends and family.

May what you give be multiplied! And thank you for the love and the trust.

Anpil Lanmou,


You can donate to this project on Indiegogo.

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