Gessica Geneus’ “Yon Ti Koze AK Se M” Now Available on Amazon

gessica geneus yon ti koze ak sem amazon book

Haitian actress, director Gessica Geneus’ first book “Yon Ti Koze AK Se M” is now available to purchase online.

In “Yon ti koze ak se m”, Gessica Geneus shares her personal experiences and approaches to the art of living. The book also explores her reflections: on the subject of love, on the spirit and finally on building relationships with society and others.

Geneus’ candid and sparkling insights equip the reading with a set of techniques needed to thrive within Haitian society. Geneus beckons the reader to walk on the path that leads to, “the liberation of our minds.” This international edition contains the full Haitian Creole (Kreyol Ayisyen), French and English texts. Personal journaling pages are also included as an encouragement to write and share your thoughts.

At the age of 16 I was a mature woman, living in an underdeveloped country where the challenges for advancement seemed insurmountable. This was the most difficult time in my young life. I sailed through life detached –no safe harbor, no compass on a wave of hormones, personal doubts, an inferiority complex and many economic challenges. -Gessica Geneus

Gessica Geneus’ “Yon Ti Koze AK Se M” is now available on Amazon in Haitian Creole, French and English.

About Gessica Geneus

Gessica Généus is a director and actress living in Port au Prince, Montreal and Paris. She is considered one of the finest actresses in Haitian cinema. After completing film studies in Paris, she formed Ayizan Productions and created “NOU VIZAJ”, a series of portraits of the great contemporary figures in contemporary Haitian society.

Yon ti koze ak sè m cover pa Gessica Généus

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