Watch Naïka’s Cover of Lumane Casimir “Papa Gede (Bel Gason)”

Watch this new video of Naïka singing the popular Haitian song “Papa Gede (Bel Gason)”

Naïka says she’s very excited to finally release something like this! [Papa Gede (Bel Gason)] “So glad to be able to perform a song that portrays my mother’s culture and my deep love and connection with Haiti. It is a land of sunshine, good music creativity and artistic talent on every level. Hope you enjoy our version of Papa Gede.”

The song tells the story of Lumane Casimir, who moves to Port au Prince from a small province in Haiti to find a job. Her beautiful singing voice becomes known by many. The song says that if the rainbow could sing it would sing like her, that when she would sing birds would stop flying just to listen to her. She eventually gets very sick and is left alone to die of tuberculosis. When she passes away, on the day of her funeral, people swear they could hear her singing in the blowing wind. Her voice was so strong it remained in people’s hearts and minds to this day. After Lumane’s story, the song goes on to talk about Papa Gede, the Gede (or spirit) of the dead in Haitian voodoo traditions.

But wait…some Facebook users are saying Naïka’s lyrics are wrong. Read the Facebook comments and let me know what you the comments box below.

FaceBook comments

Love the voice and the musical version. However, no offense, but the song is not about “papa Gede” it’s “Papa gen de bel gason, gen de Nibo bel gason, y’abiye tou tan blan pou yal monte opale”. Creole phonetic makes it sound Papa Gede. I wish at some point someone would correct the misunderstanding that keeps perpetuating in this song and just focus on who it was written for:Lumane – Virginie Seide

It’s a brilliant execution! But to the point of whether the song is about Papa Gede, I have heard this song hundreds of times and had never heard “Papa Gede” as such, but always “Papa gen de bèl gason…” I think that it’s important (and not difficult) to go back to the source and make the correction if necessary, because little errors like that (if it is one) easily become historical facts. Why not ask Carole Demesmin Maroulé herself? -Guy S. Antoine

You keep mentioning Carole as the original writer for the lyrics but it is not. The lyrics of Papa gen De bel gason is from Lumane herself(some previous commenters who have heard the song before Carole explained the time and context for which Lumane sang the song). The version sung by Carole D. Is from a poem written by Koralen. Those in the olden days who heard Lumane song before Carole said she sang Papa gen De bel gason”.

Papa Gede Chorus

Papa Gede bèl gason, Gede Nibo bèl gason
Abiye tout an blan pou l al monte o palè
Lè l abiye tout an blan, li pòtre yon depite
Lè l abiye tout an nwa, li pòtre yon senatè
Woy Papa Gede, adye Gede Nibo

Naïka – Papa Gede (Bel Gason) Credits

Written by: Jean Claude Martineau (Koralen) // Production engineer: Kenneth Jin // Assistant engineer: Sean Frawley // Drums: Mathéo Techer // Bass: Michael Decena // Guitar: Sebastian Torres // Piano: Maher Beauroy // Saxophone: Clement Duchene // Trumpet: Alonzo Demetrius // Percussion: Mariano Escalona //Backing vocal 1: Ny Ony // Backing vocal 2: Arsenn Saïfa // Many thanks to Elliott Marchent for helping with studio booking! // An extra thanks to Bas Janssen.

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