VIDEO: Niska feat. Lolo (Boukman Eksperyans) – “Vèvè Lokal”

Haitian singer-songwriter Niska is ready to impact the music scene with a brand new single taken from her long-delayed studio album, which we hope will be released sometime this year.

The song is called “Vèvè Lokal,” produced by Pipo Beat and featured Lolo from Boukman Eksperyans.

“Vèvè Lokal” video was shot in Jacmel, Haiti by Xavier Delatour and Babas Denis.

According to Exemplore, a Vèvè is a religious symbol for a voodoo “loa” (or lwa) and serves as their representation during rituals. In Haiti, the Vèvè derives from the beliefs of the native Tainos. Most similar to the Vèvè are the drawings of zemi or gods of the Taino religion.

AUDIO: Niska feat. Lolo (Boukman Eksperyans) – “Vèvè Lokal”

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