Blondedy Ferdinand Uses Waist Trainer

Blondedy Ferdinand Uses Waist Trainer

Blondedy Ferdinand’s waist is looking very thin these days. The Haitian actress just used social media to show off to the world her shockingly thin waist and hourglass figure.

Lately, Blondedy’s been sharing new Facebook shots of herself, and she’s all corseted up – in other words, she’s wearing Waist Trainers. They’re the somewhat controversial celebrity trend popularized by stars like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who wear them on a daily basis.

However, while some experts agree that wearing a corset might encourage you to eat less and will help you ultimately lose weight, simply wearing one will not change your body composition. Further, some experts express concern that relying on corsets as a long-term form of weight loss can cause permanent damage.

Click through the gallery to see Blondedy Ferdinand wearing waist trainers.

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