Fabienne Colas Talks About the 2017 Montreal Black Film Festival + Full List of Films

The biggest black film festival in Canada is back for a 13th edition, and it features over 60 films from 25 countries. Most of these films will be showing at Cinéma Impérial, Cinéma du Parc, the former NFB Cinema (Annexe Judith-Jasmin, UQAM), and the Concordia University Theatre Hall.

In the video above, the festival’s founder Fabienne Colas talked the Haitian movies not to miss at this year’s festival.

The 2017 Montreal Black Film Festival promises to be inspiring and breathtaking, and it’s scheduled from September 27th to October 1st, 2017. Check out the full list of films listed below.

2017 Montreal Black Film Festival Full List of Films

  • Brown Girl Begins
  • Cargo
  • Carpinteros (Woodpeckers)
  • D’encre Et De Sang
  • Forgotten Man
  • Kafou
  • Kalushi: The Story Of Solomon Mahlangu
  • Krotoa
  • Tourments D'amour
  • Vazante
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Boy 23: The Forgotten Boys Of Brazil
  • Central Africa's Closed Eyelids
  • Jewel's Catch One
  • Ciné Causerie : Mariannes Noires
  • Ciné Causerie : Marvin Booker Was Murdered
  • Time Simply Passes
  • Uprize
  • Walking In My Shoes
  • 77 Days
  • Amerika
  • Animal
  • Black In White
  • Brooklyn In July
  • Choices
  • Color Blind
  • Downward Hiro
  • Et Toujours Nous Marcherons
  • H2o
  • Hold On
  • Il Primo Che Passa
  • Impact
  • Kap
  • Kill Off
  • La Convention De Genève
  • La Loi Du Déshonneur
  • New Neighbors
  • Night Shift
  • On Attend
  • Passagers
  • Plane
  • Pond
  • Poussière (Dust)
  • See You Yesterday
  • The Adventures Of Selika
  • The Hangman
  • The Talk
  • To Those With Good Intent
  • Ashley Ashley
  • Bayard And Me
  • C’est Moi
  • He Who Dances On Wood
  • Reaching For Zion
  • Refugee
  • Revolution In The Ring
  • The Rugby Boys Of Memphis
  • The Songwriter
  • Waiting For Hassana
  • Dabka
  • Baaba Maal Presents : The Traveler
  • Jacques Schwarz-bart, La Voix Des Ancêtres
  • Oliver Jones : Mind Hands Heart
  • Le Violoniste
  • Yemanja: Wisdom From The African Heart Of Brazil (Narrated By Pulitzer Prize-winning Author Alice Walker)
  • Black Lives Matter (Court)

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