Flav Launches “KonVicTion” Clothing Line

flav konviction clothing line

Over the last few years, Haitian singer-turned-actor Athlet “Flav” St.Fleur has established himself as one of the most promising singers in the HMI in years. Now, following his successful acting debut in Robenson Lauvince’s new film “Married Men,” Flav is taking his talent to the fashion world with a new clothing line called “KonVicTion.”

Earlier this year, Flav released a promotional video for their watches, called “Konviction Watches by Flav”. The line offers a variety of different clothing items, including Watches, Bracelets, Scarves and more.

Konviction Watches by Flav

Among the new items in the online shop that opened this week: a $30 “Women’s 2-Piece Sports Bra & Underwear”, and a $30 “Men’s Boxer Briefs”.

In a note on the website, Flav said, “KonVictTion was created after finding that the market is riddled with stagnation and a need to box Haitian artist in one category. We wanted to set a standard for future generations to go through life with KonVicTion.”

The message continues, “Our Haitian heritage sets the tone for our KonVicTion that all things are possible. We strive to create high-quality products while creating authentic, vintage classic designs. We design experiences that make people feel special.”

[SWIPE] Check out some of the KonVicTion by Flav designs below. [SWIPE]

KonVicTion by Flav 2018 Promo Video

Photos courtesy of KonVicTion brand / Konvictionbrand.com

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