New Solar Street Lamps Installed on the Island of La Gonave, Haiti

Solar street lamp La Gonave Haiti

Graduate students from Parsons School of Design, in New York and Professor Chad Groshart, are helping local leaders on the island of La Gonave La Gonave, Haiti light up key locations using all solar energy. This is the fourth year they are supporting the project; however, they changed the process a bit this year. After building relationships with over a hundred communities and community leaders over the last two years, they invited three of the strongest and most committed communal sections to submit a proposal for a solar lighting initiative for their community.

“In doing so, they got a chance to practice skills they have learned in our most recent set of workshops and training: mobilizing the community to make decisions together, proposal and budget-writing, identifying and leveraging local resources, etc. A committee was then created to evaluate each of the proposals based on a set of criteria that included clarity of the proposal, community participation, and management/maintenance plan.” said Roots of Development.

Here’s a video on the solar street lamp installation in La Gonave, Haiti

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Another set of solar street lamps go up on the island of La Gonave! Thanks to the initiative and drive of the community leaders of Petit Anse (the 6th communal section of La Gonave, #HAITI) and the support of long-time Roots supporter Chad Groshart and @enersahaiti , a new set of street lights were just installed in three more communities on the island, for a fourth year in a row. We provided the funding for the poles. The community came with the proposal (the plan) for how and where the poles would be installed, the sand and cement, the food and accommodations for the visiting technicians, and the community effort (the labor). #partnership #community #development #solar #lighting #energy #local #effort #solutions #local #leadership

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About Roots of Development

Roots of Development is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that has been promoting and implementing successful community-driven development projects in rural Haiti for over a decade.

For ten years, Roots of Development has focused its efforts almost exclusively on the island of La Gonâve, Haiti. La Gonâve is Haiti’s largest island. In fact, it is also the largest of Hispaniola’s satellite islands. It is located to the northwest of Port-au-Prince and is home to approximately 100,000 residents, which is a larger population than the majority of the territories and nations that make up the Caribbean.


One of the light poles installed and in use by members of the village and the student team that helped to coordinate the project.

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