Blondedy Ferdinand Confronted by Aggressive, Screaming Fans at the 6th Annual Haitian-American Music Festival

Haitian actress-turned-singer, Blondedy Ferdinand, was thrown into a chaotic scene after performing at the 6th annual Haitian-American Music Festival and needed the assistance of a big security team to keep her safe.

The “I Love You Anne” actress was in West Palm Beach, Florida as part of her tour with Haitian producer J-Beatz, and after her performance of her hit song “Renmen m Renmen w,” hundred of fans had apparently been waiting hours for her to come out. Around 8 minutes of the video, Blondedy started panicking and quickly darted through the crowd while a security team formed a daisy-chain of protection.

She has not yet addressed the confrontation, but both she and her mom (Carole Magicwhite) made it out safely.

About the Haitian-American Music Festival

The Palm Beach Haitian American Festival is an annual event that promotes the Cultural Value of Haitian Customs, such as Dress, Food and Drinks, Language, Craftsmanship, Entertainment, and Travel. They give back to the Haitian community through donations to various charities as well as partnerships with other Not-for-profit organizations for fundraising.

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