Florence “El Luche” Dure Wows Fans With Her Swagg Look in New Photos

Florence El Luche Dure Swagg Photos

Haitian beauty vlogger, Florence “El Luche” Dure, is walking on air after her social media fans complimented her on every photo she takes.

Along with thousand likes and positive comments, fans were loving Florence’s new look and complimented her fashion sense.

Someone said, “You’re very classy my CEO!”

Another follower posted: “Yesssss classy lady, love your necklace and the dress; order on the way, I already have the lipstick”

One commenter wrote, “Gad yon achitekti kòporel”

“Oh my God you’re so beautiful”

More Florence “El Luche” Dure’s recent photos:

Florence “El Luche” Dure with pink hair

Florence “El Luche” Dure at Petion-Ville, Haiti

Florence “El Luche” Dure by the pool


Florence “El Luche” Dure at Petion-Ville, Haiti


Florence “El Luche” Pink Hair Selfie