BG Da Producer’s Sister Warns Of Fake GoFundMe Page

BG Da Producer's Sister Warns Of Fake GoFundMe Page

The family of the late Haitian producer BG Da Producer has apparently fallen victim to a fundraising scam.

On Friday (July 26), BG’s sister Sherly Gedeon warned her followers and BG’s fans there was a fake GoFundMe account going around asking for money for BG’s funeral.

“Some of yall mutherf*ckers are getting on my nerves and getting me out of character! We the family DID NOT create a go fund me for my brother BeeGee Da Savage Boug Gedeon! I REPEAT, WE THE FAMILY DID NOT CREATE A GO FUND ME PAGE nor did we give anyone permission to,” she wrote in a Facebook post. “Let me find out who did and it won’t be nice cause I’m not in the fucking mood!.”

It’s unclear who is behind the scam.

BG Da producer, born Bougin Gedeon, was killed in a car accident on July 26.

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