Kenneth Cole and Donna Karan Unveil New Footwear Collaboration With Haitian Artisans

Kenneth Cole Donna Karan Haitian Artisan Sandals

Design moguls Kenneth Cole and Donna Karan have unveiled a collaboration between Karan’s Urban Zen line and Cole’s Gentle Souls collection called “Urban Zen x Gentle Souls.” The collaboration is designed to shed light on the artisans of Haiti.

The DKNY founder and clothing designer have both been working on healthcare and education initiatives in Haiti since it was devastated by an earthquake in 2010.

“We’re bringing Haiti’s rich artisan culture right to your soles,” Kole announced via Instagram, unveiling the collection on Instagram, while Karan wrote: “Kenneth and I share our heart and soul with Haiti and now SOLES.”

According to Vogue, Karan purchased a pair of leather sandals with a plush rubber sole from Cole’s Gentle Souls line, and they instantly became her summer signature.

“Everyone was constantly asking where I got my sandals,” Karan told “They are seriously the most comfortable shoes in the entire world – they are beyond comfortable. I can’t even explain it!”

The collection is now a limited-edition one, but the designers aren’t ruling out further collaborations in the future. “Hopefully it becomes an ongoing sustainable business,” Cole told Vogue.

The sandals are available to buy online, with prices starting at $325 (£260).

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