How Haitians Describe a Near Miss Car Accident

Video: How Haitians Describe Near Miss Car Accidents

Y’all just don’t know how hard it is to explain something in your second language – especially a car accident (LOL). Watch this video from Haitian comedian Zoe Poze trying to describe a near miss accident to a friend.

The video was filmed by one of my favorite young Haitian comedians out there, Saskya Skya. Watch the full video after the jump.



This is Sh*t Haitian ZuZu Girls Say

Shit Haitian ZuZu Girls Say
If you didn’t know #zuzu is the top trending topic of the hour, watch this video and you will find out why it’s exploding across the Internet. Viral gold!!

I thought I was “the only” Zuzu in so many situations from childhood until yesterday when I spotted actor/comedian Mario Fontains’s new video, “Sh*t Haitian ZuZu Girls Say,” I almost squealed. Man, could I relate! In college for two years in Port-au-Prince, I heard half these things four times between the cafeteria and my morning class. For me, Mario’s entry into the “Sh*t ________ Say” meme was not only funny, it brings back so many memories of growing up in Haiti.

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Kim Kardashian in Haiti (Comedy) by bdelatour57

Video: Kim Kardashian in Haiti (Comedy)

Kim Kardashian in Haiti (Comedy) by bdelatour57

LMFAO! This dude just made my day.

I just found out the most amazing news; it will change your universe forever. Kim Kardashian is in Haiti. Sh*t man!

That’s the biggest thing since Desmond Tutu mother f*cker – F*ck!. she’s in Haiti man, she’s here – F*ck man. That’s like the second rising of Toussaint or Dessalines rising from the dead.

What the F*ck…is Kim doing here man? There’s truly hope for this nation; and with this I shall retire.

Watch Kim Kardashian in Haiti Video!