reasons scared to date haitian women

5 Reasons This Man is Scared to Date Haitian Women

Comedian Josh Pray just told his Facebook fans why he is scared to date Haitian women. You can watch the video below, but first let me tell you a little bit about him.

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This is Sh*t Haitian ZuZu Girls Say

Shit Haitian ZuZu Girls Say
If you didn’t know #zuzu is the top trending topic of the hour, watch this video and you will find out why it’s exploding across the Internet. Viral gold!!

I thought I was “the only” Zuzu in so many situations from childhood until yesterday when I spotted actor/comedian Mario Fontains’s new video, “Sh*t Haitian ZuZu Girls Say,” I almost squealed. Man, could I relate! In college for two years in Port-au-Prince, I heard half these things four times between the cafeteria and my morning class. For me, Mario’s entry into the “Sh*t ________ Say” meme was not only funny, it brings back so many memories of growing up in Haiti.

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Kim Kardashian in Haiti (Comedy) by bdelatour57

Video: Kim Kardashian in Haiti (Comedy)

Kim Kardashian in Haiti (Comedy) by bdelatour57

LMFAO! This dude just made my day.

I just found out the most amazing news; it will change your universe forever. Kim Kardashian is in Haiti. Sh*t man!

That’s the biggest thing since Desmond Tutu mother f*cker – F*ck!. she’s in Haiti man, she’s here – F*ck man. That’s like the second rising of Toussaint or Dessalines rising from the dead.

What the F*ck…is Kim doing here man? There’s truly hope for this nation; and with this I shall retire.

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