Mimi's Boutiq 5th Annual Fashion Show Photos

PHOTOS: Mimi’s Boutiq 5th Annual Fashion Show

Get up-to-the-minute news, videos, and photo galleries at Mimi’s Boutiq 5th Annual Fashion Show held at Newport Beachside Hotel in Miami, Florida.

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Watch Fashion Designer Abs Petit’s “VBSTRVKTD” Collection Fashion Show

Haitian stylist and fashion designer Abs Petit unveiled her new fashion collection “VBSTRVKTD” at a private mansion event in Orlando last month.

Abs Petit (born Abigail Petit-Frere) is a reality television star with an eclectic style that helped her emerge as a fan favorite on Season One of E!’s “House of DVF”. Considered by many to be a breath of fresh air to the fashion industry, Petit is a Florida based wardrobe stylist of Haitian heritage with years of
design and fashion experience.


Abs Petit 2015 Collection

Haitian TV Star and Fashion Designer Abs Petit Announces “VBSTRVKTD” Collection

Stylist and fashion designer, Abigail Petit-Frere known in the fashion industry as Abs Petit announced the launch of her new fashion brand that features a collection of pieces created exclusively for women by the designer.

The brand “VBSTRVKTD” features six introductory pieces for the purpose of peaking the interest of investors to produce a fuller line in the future.

The birth of the idea was forged shortly after the designers E! TV experience with fashion icon, Diane Von Furstenberg. “She gave me the confidence to be the woman I wanted to be.” Said – Abs Petit.

See pictures from the collection after the jump.

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