Haitian-American Singer Jason Derulo is Riding Solo After Splitting with Jordin Sparks

Haitian-American Singer Jason Derulo is Ridin’ Solo After Splitting with Jordin Sparks

Guess who is ridin’ solo now? During an interview with Big D from 101.3 KDWB on Thursday, Sept. 25, Haitian-American Singer Jason Derulo (born Jason Joel Desrouleaux) confirms his split with singer, actress Jordin Sparks after three years together, but said that everything is “cool.”

“Everything is cool man,” Derulo said when asked if the two will stay pals. “It’s not a bad situation, it’s not one of those kinds of things,” he added. Listen to Jason Derulo confirming the split with Jordin Sparks in the first part of the interview.

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Poll: Blondedy Ferdinand Lesbian Rumors: True or Publicity Stunt?

You must have been under a rock if you haven’t heard about Blondedy Ferdinand’s lesbian scandal by now. The Haitian actress has recently become a very popular celebrity as several pictures of her were released across social media with the actress posing rather standardly with friends. In these intimate photos, we see Ferdinand herself draped across many of her friends in some very sexually provocative poses. There has been some speculation that this could be a direct reflection of her sexual preference due to the intimacy in the shots.

However, Blondedy Ferdinand has certainly used this latest social media lesbian photo scandal to her advantage and perks. In fact, just two weeks after the photos were released Blondedy Ferdinand was able to sign several movie contracts.

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Actress Blondedy Ferdinand to Feature in JBeatz’ Music Video

Haitian actress Blondedy Ferdinand was recently in Florida to shoot a music video with singer/producer JBeatz. Not sure who is directing the video but we’ve learned that the video is for JBeatz’ “Mwen Anvi Viv” track featuring Evens Jean and Wendy.

Blondedy is well-known for her roles in Haitian movies “I Love You Anne” and “Inedit”. Stay tuned with SawPanse for upcoming updates on the music video. Read More…

Kiki Cherie Dating Actor Wesner Calixte

Is Kiki Cherie Dating Actor Wesner Calixte?

Kiki Cherie Dating Actor Wesner Calixte

Another addition to the list of link-ups between Haitian actors? According to rumors, actress/model Kira Andre (Kiki Cherie) and actor Wesner Calixte are dating.

The two first spotted together at Robenson Lauvince’s Dezole movie premiere earlier this month. Since then they’ve been sharing romantic notes on Facebook.


Soy Locamente enamorado de ti – y lo sabes Wess Calixte ? Tu y Yo por la vida. sak pa kontan anbake

“I’m madly in love with you – and you know it Wess Calixte? You and I forever. Sak pa kontan anbake,” Kiki posted on Facebook.

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Man in Dominican Republic Claims to be Michel Martelly’s Son

A young man by the name of Patric Alfredo Martelly Garó, who claims to be the son of Haitian president Michel Martelly, wants the President of the Republic to take a DNA test.

According to listin.com.do, the young man said he was born in Haiti, his father is a musician, last name Martelly, and that he came to Dominican Republic from the Haitian community of Petionville. Continue reading…


Actress Mercedes Dating Oxygen’s Keyboardist

Actress Mercedes Dating Oxygen Musician

Actress Magdaluna Georges, well-known as Mercedes, and boyfriend producer James Lobertho Mireau caused quite a buzz at the Haitian Flag Festival last month when they appeared together for the first time since she announced they were dating. The couple seemed extremely happy and really enjoying spending time together.

They both confirmed the relationship with a Facebook relationship status update -from being “single” to “in a relationship”. Not sure if the couple has been engaged or married, but Mercedes also changed her last name on Facebook to “Mireau” (Lobertho’s last name). Read More…