The Global Zoe Bel Nan Tout Fason C4

New Music: The Global Zoe – “Bèl Nan Tout Fason” Feat. C4

The Global Zoe continues their global impact after the success achieved with the “Bouyon” mix. Listen to their new released single titled “Bèl Nan Tout Fason” featuring C4.

Patricia Val - Tek Tegedek

New Music: Patricia Val – Tek Tegedek

Not sure if Patricia Val is working on a new project, but you can listen to her new single titled “Tek Tegedek” below.

Patricial was born to Haitian parents on June 28th and raised in Tampa Florida. She started singing at the young age of 9 while attending Wharton Senior High School in Tampa. Later she learned how to play the Viola and also took up Band where she played the Trumpet and sometimes the Piano.

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