Rebel Layonn Lari a Red

New Music: Rebel Layonn – ‘Lari a Rèd’

Listen to a real conscious Reggae track from Rebel Layonn entitled “Lari a Rèd.” Produced by Stevenson Michel/Pyramid Music, “Lari a Rèd” defines the struggle of every day life in Haiti.

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Keed Coulgi – Do You Really Wan Mi feat. Khago

Music: Keed Coulgi – Do You Really Wan Mi feat. Khago

It’s been a while now since rapper and MC Keed Coulgi (Grand Boss Music Group) puts out new material, but the rapper is back. Keed Coulgi has been busy hosting events all around the world for the last couple of months, but that didn’t keep him from hitting the studio and dropping a new track. Coulgi’s fans will be very grateful that new material has finally been released.

Check out Keed Coulgi “Do You Really Wan Mi” featuring Khago below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Keed Coulgi – Do You Really Wan Mi featuring Khago is now available for download on iTunes and Amazon

wanito bezwen mennaj

Music: Wanito – Bezwen Mennaj

Haitian Reggae singer Wanito is at his musical comeback again and drops his new single, “Bezwen Mennaj.” But this time he is looking for a companion aka a “girlfriend” – a polite one. I think his “Rèv” is about to come true. Press PLAY below to listen to Wanito – Bezwen Mennaj.

tecla money video

Video: TECLA – Money

Check out this awesome video from this Haitian-Italian beauty, songwriter, sometimes rapper, and futuristic music creator TECLA. “Money” is a brand new single off of TECLA’s new album We Are The Lucky Ones.

TECLA Esposito, best known as Tecla, is a tropical pop singer from New York City. She told NylonMag that the inspiration for “Money” came from knowing that she could come up out of the trenches herself and finding a positive spin on the fact that she had no financial help and really had to figure out her life on her own. Read More…