Sneak Peek Of Chokarella iOs App Version 6.1

Sneak Peek Of Chokarella’s iOs App v6.1

Haiti’s #1 morning radio show Chokarella has posted teaser screenshots for a its upcoming version 6.1 of the Chokarella iOS app. Looking at the screenshots, we can tell that the Chokarella team is extremely close to finally giving its audience what they want! Pretty dope, right? I can’t wait.

We will release a full review of the app once it’s released. In the meantime, take a look at a few images of what the app will look like. Hopefully this will hold you over!

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Haiti Tourism Preparing to Launch Hotel Booking Website

Haiti Tourism Preparing to Launch Hotel Booking Website

Haiti Tourism is poised to launch its own online hotel booking service, featuring booking at independent hotels and resorts that are located in Haiti’s major cities.

Looking at the screenshots of the new design posted on Twitter by @HaitiTourisminc, the website will feature a curated selection of hotels like Caribe Hotel, Habitation Jouissant, Wahoo Bay beach, Royal Oasis, El Rancho, Hotel Mont Joli, Marriott and more.

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Carel Pedre Brings a Clean New Look to Chokarella App

Carel Pedre Brings a Clean New Look to Chokarella iOS App

Chokarella was recently updated to version 6.0 which gives the application’s user interface a new face-lift, adding functionality to buy music track from iTunes while listening to the live stream.

Fans will surely enjoy the minor enhancements, but we hope Carel will refresh the app’s aesthetics to bring it up to date with the iOS 7 flat design look. Over all, we love the slick design and the ability to buy track from iTunes.

So far we’ve only seen the update arrive for iOs version of the app, but we’d imagine that Android users will see a refreshed interface soon, as the two are generally updated at the same time. Read More…

Mimi's Boutiq Unveils New Website

Mimi’s Boutiq Unveils New Website

After months of planning, tuning and tweaking, Mimi’s Boutiq finally launches its new website.

The new is packed with a number of new enhancements that should allow you to spend more time enjoying the shopping experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Overall, the site feels more usable than before.

One of the best features in the new redesign is that the website is now using HTML5 instead of Adobe Flash – which makes it mobile friendly. Before the update, iPhone and iPad users couldn’t access the website because Apple devices do not support Flash. Kudos to Mimi and the CCWC Network team for fixing this. Read More…