Septentrional Ti Fi a Leve When the drum is beating

Flashback: Watch Septentrional Singer Michel Tassy Perform “Ti Fi a Leve” LIVE

Watch Septentrional singer Michel Tassy perform “Ti Fi a Leve” for their documentary “When the Drum is Beating.”

When the Drum is Beating is a feature documentary that interweaves the extraordinary story of Septentrional’s six decades of creativity with the history of Haiti and how it went from being the first free black republic with a huge wealth of natural resources to a shattered country that cannot support its citizens.

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Michael Brun & Rune RK - See You Soon feat. Denny White

Video: Michael Brun & Rune RK – “See You Soon” feat. Denny White

‘See You Soon’ has the words ‘festival’ and ‘banger’ written all over it. Michael Brun teamed up with Rune RK to create this amazing record, featuring mesmerizing vocals by Denny White. Enchanting chords, powerful lead synths and a smashing drop carry this release to the highest possible level, ready for endless amounts of forthcoming festivals. It even comes with an atmospheric Michael Brun Island Mix for those that want to relax after the party has ended! Read More…