Disip de Gazzman Couleur - Limena and Banm Nouvel Ou

New Music: Disip de Gazzman Couleur – “Limena” & “Banm Nouvel Ou” -Listen!

Days before the 17th annual Haitian Compas Festival, Disip de Gazzman Couleur has released two tracks from their upcoming album “Limena.”

Press PLAY below to listen to “Limena” & “Banm Nouvel Ou” from Disip.

Disip is scheduled to perform at this year’s Haitian Compas Festival on May 16.


Happy 5th Anniversary diSip!

Haitian Konpa band diSip is celebrating their fifth anniversary today April 4, 2015. DiSip was founded by Gasman Pierre aka Gazzman Couleur in April 2010. The band has won Best New Group/Band of the Year and Male Artist of the Year (Gazzman) in 2011 by Compas on Broadway.

Disip has released two albums and 25 songs since 2010. The first album “Mission” was released in August 2010, and the second album “Viktwa” in July 2013. The band has also released four live albums “Toujou Fè Byen”, “Live en Martinique Vol. 1″, “Live in Haiti Vol. 1″ and “Live in Haiti Vol. 2.” Happy birthday diSip!

Below are five of my favorite tracks from diSip? What’s yours? Share it in the comments below.


Gazzman Couleur and diSIP- Ekilib Video

Video: Gazzman Couleur and diSIP- Ekilib

Gazzman Couleur has released the visuals for “Ekilib” – directed by Saintanor S. Camilus. “Ekilib” is a moving song featured in Viktwa’s CD; it translates the every day challenges that Haitian brothers and sisters go through at home and away from home. The video was filmed in various location in Haiti and Florida.


Dano Eugeune Joins DiSip

Dano Eugeune Joins DiSip

Keyboard player Dano Eugeune has joined DiSip. Dano and bass player Esdras “Drasso” EdouardRead left Zenglen last October. Read the full press release from DiSip’s management below.

Miami, Florida – November 29th, 2014 – Gazzman Couleur and the management team of diSip are pleased to welcome Dano Eugène as diSip’s keyboard player.

Rightfully nickname “Dwet san zo”, Dano’s musical sheet is full of melodies and harmonies. A gifted musician, Dano is equally talented in different musical genre, but Konpa music remains his forte.

He joins diSip with extreme drive, dedication and discipline topped with a dashing and daring personality.

What better time than this Thanksgiving weekend, to officially introduce Dano, as diSip’s keyboard player.

He will be on duty for the Thanksgiving festivities in Florida, please visit diSip’s website for scheduled events.

Viktwa se nou, Viktwa pou nou!

[Image courtesy of Facebook.com/dano.eugene.5]

diSip is Working on its 5th Music Video

diSip de Gazzman Couleur is Working on its 5th Music Video

diSip de Gazzman Couleur isn’t just continuing its VIKTWA tour in Haiti and USA, the Haitian Konpa band is also busy shooting its 5th video. A year after releasing the VIKTWA album, one of the tracks is finally getting the official video treatment.

What song will be getting the Gazzman Couleur video treatment? The answer is none other than song number eleven: “Ekilib.”

dISIp’s Ekilib video will be directed by movie director Saintanor Camilus. Listen to diSip Ekilib below!

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