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Disip and Nu-Look’s Latest Videos Shared Same Location

Disip and Nu-Look Latest Videos Shared Same Location Spanish Monastery

We rarely pay attention to the locations in a music video, unless the landscapes are unusually breathtaking, but it looks like The Cloisters at the Spanish Monastery was a filming hotspot for Lux Media and Lunerversal Film because both studios shot parts of their latest videos there.

Hope you like this fun factoid. Both directors did an amazing job. I visited the Monastery with my school couple of years ago and watched both of these videos pretty close to one another that is how I spotted them being at the same location. Take close look at the screenshots below and let me know what you think. Continue Reading →


diSip’s 2013 VIKTWA Holiday Tour

diSip's 2013 VIKTWA Holiday Tour

diSip’s 2013 VIKTWA Holiday Tour/ Tournée VIKTWA 2013

Dec 20th – Carrefour, Nu Moving Night Club
Dec 21st – Cap-Haïtien
Dec 22nd – Hinche
Dec 23rd – Gonaïves
Dec 24th – Trou-du-Nord
Dec 25th – St-Jean-du-Sud
Dec 26th – Marigot, Jacmel
Dec 27th – Bainet
Dec 28th – Gros Morne
Dec 29th – Festival Tabarre (Journée)
Dec 29th – diSip & Tropicana, Port-au-Prince, Djoumbala Night Club
Dec 30th -Leogane
Dec 31st – Au Borgne
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diSip Unveils New Album Artwork

diSip Unveils New Album Poster: VIKTWA

Disip has revealed the artwork for their upcoming sophomore album Viktwa. The cover, which appears above, features all Disip’s band members wearing some very colorful outfits with the lead singer Gazzman Couleur upside down.

No words on when the album will drop but KonpaEvents.com hints an early June release.

So what do you think of Disip’s Viktwa cover?