Tonton Dezirab – Pap Domi Deyo

Music: Tonton Dezirab – Pap Domi Deyo

Comedian, singer Tonton Dezirab drops off his new single titled “Pap Domi Deyo.” Press PLAY below and let us know what you think in the comments.

[via KonpaEvents]


Video: King D – “Se Kè Map Kenbe”


King D premiered his new video for “Se Kè Map Kenbe,” the first single from his upcoming solo album. The clip was directed by Robenson “Roby” Lauvince, who also directed the movie “Les Talents de La Rue” starring King D, Rockfam rappers Dug G and Knaggs Roosvelt, and Flav from Gabel. The music video features cameos from Raynald “Baba” Delerme, Tonton Dezirab, and the director himself.