Music: System Band – Pano Soler & VIP

System Band - Pano Soler & VIP

Listen to two tracks Pano Soler and VIP from System Band.

System Band – Pano Soler

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Disip and Nu-Look’s Latest Videos Shared Same Location

Disip and Nu-Look Latest Videos Shared Same Location Spanish Monastery

We rarely pay attention to the locations in a music video, unless the landscapes are unusually breathtaking, but it looks like The Cloisters at the Spanish Monastery was a filming hotspot for Lux Media and Lunerversal Film because both studios shot parts of their latest videos there.

Hope you like this fun factoid. Both directors did an amazing job. I visited the Monastery with my school couple of years ago and watched both of these videos pretty close to one another that is how I spotted them being at the same location. Take close look at the screenshots below and let me know what you think. Continue Reading →