The Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti in Miami Honors 19 women for their Contribution to Nation’s Culture

As part of its observance of International Women’s Month, the Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti in Miami honored 21 women for their contributions to the Haitian culture.

Each one of the award winners make significant contributions in their respective fields of action, such as art, music, literature, public service, contribution to education, and journalism.

The event took place at the Little Haiti Cultural Center in Miami on Wednesday March 25, 2015, and the following women were honored:

1) Carole Demesmin (30 years contribution to Haitian culture and music).
2) Mireille Sylvain-David (writer, poet, novelist).
3) Angie Bell (artist, poet, tv host, and co-founder of the bi-weekly show BOUKAN).
4) Michele Jessica Fievre (Writer-published her first book at 16, poet, editor, founder of Silver Stone Magazine).
5) Eveline Pierre (Founder & Executive Director of the 1st Haitian Heritage Museum, outside of Haiti and best selling author).
6) Djenane Stfleur (Community Advocate, VP of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce servicing Broward, Palm Beach, & breast cancer survivor).
7) Esther April Fortune (Founder of Roots Reage Band Jhafe, Lead Singer, Lyricist).
8) Laura Quinlan (among her many accomplishments she developed “Big Night in Little Haiti” a serie of concerts taking place every 3rd Friday of the month).
9) Raymonde Milien Pierre (sister of our famous Rodrigue Milien, musician, music teacher of guitar, piano, & drum).
10) Rachelle Salnave (Film maker, artist, and advocate. Rachelle is well respected in film and music industry).
11) Sandy Dorsainvil (Managing Director of the Little Haiti Cultural Center).
12) Joann Milord (Executive Director of Northeast Second Avenue Partnership).
13) Nancy St. Leger (Artistic Director).
14) Naomie Labaty (Poet, co-founder of the bi-weekly cultural show BOUKAN, TV host).
15) Emeline Alexis-Schulz (Pioneer of the Haitian Cultural Month in Miami Dade County, Business Consultant, currently a PhD Candidate).
16) Alexandra Barbot (Executive Director of the Haitian American Historical Society).
17) Danielle Barthelemy Jacques
18) Mireille Chancy Gonzalez (Chair and co-founder of the Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, Board Member of New World School of the Arts).
19) Roldye Azard (Designer).


Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti in Miami Mireille Gonzalez

Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti in Miami Raymonde Milien

Consulate General of the Republic of Haiti in Miami Joann Milord

Photos courtesy of Facebook/Consulat Haiti – Miami

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